“Penman” appears every Monday in the Lifestyle Section of the Philippine Star at www.philstar.com. I reserve the right to moderate comments on the blog entries; you can also email me at pinoypenman@me.com. Sadly, the older versions of this blog can no longer be publicly accessed, but you can still Google my previous columns on the PhilStar website.

30 thoughts on “About

  1. hello sir! i emailed you a few weeks ago,and also a little while ago about a certain matter. I hope you would take time to read it!

  2. Hello sir, I would like to ask if there’s a possible way i can talk to you bacause i have a pen that needed repair but it is an old pen, i would like to know if you repair it. Thanks

  3. good pm sir. I have here a classic sterling silver parker fountain pen cicele with 14k nib. I want to sell it. Please reply thanks.

  4. Hi Butch! Sending you my email address. Thanks in advance. My boss was thinking of doing an interview with the man, and she showed me the book. Sabi ko parang kilala ko yang Jose Y. Dalisay haha. Looking forward to reading it. Best regards!

  5. Hi sir i have a silver made smalto roller ball point pen with original box and 2pcs alfred dunhill sentryman black resin 24k gold plated with original boxes all off them were in pristine condition except for their boxes. Inks were almost 100% full and never been refilled because i just used them as a display. Would like to ask where can i sell them in good price specially the alfred dunhill since it was rare and limited edition.

    • hi, sorry for the late reply. the best place would be ebay.ph or olx.ph. i (and the members of my pen club) deal only in fountain pens, not ball pens, so i can’t really help you sell it.

  6. hi sir, i was searching for some data to my presentation and accidentally i saw your name as one of the alumni of philippine science high school batch 70. today, a new campus of philippine science high school is located in mimaropa region specifically in romblon (your hometown sir). i hope if you have an available time to visit you can drop by at our campus. thank you so much sir for taking time to read my message. God Bless!

    • hi, meriam, thanks for writing. i’m very glad to hear that news, and i will certainly visit the campus the first chance i get. if the school sends me an official invitation to visit and to give a lecture, i might even be able to do so at no expense to you. you can write me here: Dr. Jose Y. Dalisay Jr., Vice President for Public Affairs, Quezon Hall, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City 1101. all best to you!

  7. Sir Butch, good day. I am Mr. Jay Maravilla, a teacher at Puerto Princesa City National Science High School. I am currently conducting a DepEd BERF Sponsored research on MIMAROPA Literature and hopes to come up with a module for teaching these literary pieces for Senior High School under the subject 21st Century Literature of the Philippines and the World. I am hoping if you could lend us some of your flash fiction (Cypreae leucodon, perhaps?) and some poetry for the module. Thank you so much.

    • Hi, that depends on which vintage MB you’re looking for. Some more recent ones like 149s and 146s can sometimes be found locally for good prices, but for more esoteric models, I go to eBay.

  8. Hi sir Butch, I hope your doing good. I wanted to ask where I can find Parker 21 fountain pens. I like the simplistic design of this pen. I really wanted to buy one preferably black. Thanks.

    • Hi, Bryan—On eBay, of course, but locally you can try to look for one on FB at Fountain Pen Palengke. I suggest you go for the Parker 51 instead—same design but better and easier to find, although a bit more expensive. Good luck!

      • Thanks sir! To be honest what attracted me to the 21 was the cap and the hooded nib. It doesnt have the parker arrow insignia. Yeah I’m buying a parker that doesn’t have its distinctive logo. A weird habit of mine. I did check on fountain pen palengke and the community at fpnetwork. I had a contact who has one but she might be hesistant in selling me one and I just cant seem to ask her on a regular basis. I almost forgot Parker 51 is making a comeback this year. With a cartridge/converter I think. If it comes in dark blue, I’ll definitely buy one. Stay safe sir. Back to the rabbit hole.

  9. Hi, Sir Butch! I came to know of you first in the FPN-PH group, and then the Filipino Typewriter Collectors group. Would it be all right to ask for your advice on how to get started with writing?

    I feel compelled to pursue it seriously, to the point of being able to freelance and call myself an architect (still a young one at 27 years old) and writer, but have no prior education nor experience in writing. I have no idea where to begin, I’m embarrassed to say, but I’m certain in exploring where this can take me.

    Can I possibly send you an email to talk more? Thank you very much for taking the time to read my message. I hope to hear from you soon!

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