4 thoughts on “Flotsam & Jetsam No. 38: How a Pen Should Write

    • hi, thanks all for your comments. my go-to ink is rohrer & klingner sepia, but i wanted something more olive, with a bit more green and brown, so i thought i’d make up a batch.

      i did arrive at this ink, but unfortunately, this is very likely going to be one of its kind, for reasons that will become obvious. it started with a bottle of the fabled sheaffer persian rose from the 1950s–i bought two of these bottles on ebay, and one was perfectly good, but the other bottle had gone bad and had turned from purple to a yellow ochre. rather than throw the bottle away–the ink was otherwise clear and there was no sediment–i decided to use it as a base for my own sepia. i added pelikan black, pelikan brown, and R&K alt-goldgrun (another favorite) and eventually ended up with this sepia, which i’ve been testing for about a week now, with no ill effects (in this CS marlborough and in a montblanc 149).

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