Flotsam & Jetsam No. 44: My Fincy Walks

AS A break from the usual fountain pen, I’m treating myself this Christmas to a new pair of shoes—and “new” here means literally, refreshingly new, as almost all of my shoes come from the resale shop, or ukay-ukay, and look fit enough to march through the pig farm with.

This time I opted for something a wee bit fancy, and settled on these “Fincy Walk” (that’s what they call them) shoes by Clarks–just about the softest and toniest shoes I’ve worn in years, fit to be danced in. I am not worthy! (But I’ll wear them, anyway, to my next poker game—they’ll go nicely with the fedora, and my chips may walk away from me, but these won’t.)

Flotsam & Jetsam No. 33: My Trusty Merrells

SINCE MY daughter Demi bought them for me a year ago, these trusty Merrells have now taken me everywhere, from Michigan to Manila to Melbourne. They started out feeling tight and stiff but have softened nicely without being too cushy. They’ve also taken me on hundreds of kilometers of walks that have lost me a few dozen pounds (no kidding). Here they are in a brook in Palawan (I got them wet in the ocean not too long after).